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Corporate Profile

Market Research is a subsidiary of HKG Limited, a leading B2B business conglomerate in India. We are one of the fastest growing and recognized companies in the space of market research, data collection and analytics and consultation in India.

At Market Research, our goal is to enable organizations and professionals get answers to the most crucial questions through customized surveys. These answers together would further aid their research and drive businesses to strategize, innovate, grow, and succeed in overcoming challenges in the evolving markets.

At Market Research, we have marked our national presence with our team members based in the widespread geographical locations. This enables us to build our network with locals and get insiders’ business perspective in these locations. We bring you time-sensitive research and analytical data and comparative analysis from over 140 emerging markets. Our core strength lies in our experience and expertise in market research and analytics which aids us to devise and offers custom solutions so you can gain actionable insights from the data. We are committed to protecting our clients, respondents, and employees. We manage all the personal information pertaining to identity, health, and other confidential material with utmost concern for confidentiality and privacy, adhering to government regulations and industry best practices.